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The Allotment Society

The Allotment Society - a comic crime novel.



Seeds and fertiliser bombs and murder
- a man needs to relax at the weekend

A new job? Exciting for us all. For Daniel Dreghorn the prospect of never again having to use the same toilet seat as his boss, Professor Farquharson, is an exhilarating one. But Farquharson, an elderly academic with the morals of a stoat on steroids, has other ideas.

Before that new job, Daniel must deal with irate taxi drivers, a deadly disease, a pissed-up pirate and an alarming number of dead bodies. He can cope with it all – unfortunately, that’s the point where things start to go downhill

You can buy a signed copy direct from me for £10 including postage to UK (postage extra outside UK). Pay direct using Paypal above or use the contact page if you want to send a cheque.

A Clear Solution

A Clear Solution - a comic crime novel.


Corpses, cats, and chemical catastrophes…it’s all just another day in the lab!

All that lab technician Daniel Dreghorn wants is a better job, more money, a new flat – oh, and perhaps to meet a few more girls. It’s not much to ask of life, is it? All his dreams are answered with one visit to a faulty cash machine, but is it too good to be true? Yes, Daniel, it is…


Daniel’s life goes from bad to mad as a series of deaths are attributed to him and some very shady characters start to believe he is more than he seems. As Daniel’s colleagues at the university become suspicious of his actions, madcap Professor Farquharson sees him as a way of achieving a long-held desire… Can Daniel avoid being drawn into his boss’s crazy schemes? Can he avoid the attentions of a bent copper? Are Dr Bernini’s doughnuts all they seem to be?


A Clear Solution is a hilarious look at what happens when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time – complete with homicidal bank managers.

Seline's World 1 cover.jpg
Seline's World

A collection of nineteen short stories featuring the eccentric Seline Allbright and her collection of equally eccentric friends.

To Seline Allbright life is straightforward, it's just that those around her all seem just a little, well... strange. They get annoyed for no reason. They shout when she can hear them perfectly well. Sometimes she hears them sob when she turns her back. There's just no accounting for it. Thank goodness for friends like Senga.

Seline’s World is a collection of short stories exploring the weird, funny, confusing and sometimes dangerous world of Seline and her friends.

Seline II cover4.jpg
Seline's New World

A further collection of short stories from Seline Allbright.

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